Spreading wellness to our employees, customers, suppliers, local communities, and society as a whole.

Human Capital

Xponential and all of its brands serve diverse communities around the globe; those same diverse communities can look to our Corporate Office and see wide representation.

Entrepreneurial and Family-Oriented Company

Xponential employees, franchise partners, and members treat one another like family, because that’s exactly what we are. We create opportunities for each other so that we can all grow, both as individuals and as professionals.

Xponential enables entrepreneurs to become small business owners and support them as they scale. We also provide countless training and continuing education opportunities at all levels of our business, from studio employee sales training to mentorship programs between corporate employees and industry leaders.

We do not believe that great employees or franchise partners are born; we believe that they are made through the desire to learn and the availability of training resources. We develop hungry entrepreneurs into the successful professionals that they aspire to be, aligned by our mission to make boutique fitness accessible to everyone.

Employee-First Culture

For Xponential’s core values to authentically reach studio communities and change lives for the better, we must integrate that positivity into every thread of our company fabric.

We model an employee-first experience in the Corporate Office and host trainings for franchise partners and studio managers to ensure that their employees are put first as well. Employees who are respected, incentivized, and given opportunities to learn and grow bring that same, positive energy and experience to our members!

We not only host fun, culture-building events at our Corporate Office, but also spearhead opportunities to come together and give back. Similar opportunities are shared with studios, such as Pure Barre’s Pure Give Campaign, which aligns studio employees and members in support of a charity of their choice during the month of November.

Spreading Wellness Throughout Communities

Xponential brand studios are an integral part of the communities where they reside, providing both mental and physical wellness and creating jobs that people can be passionate about! A new studio stimulates the local economy, creates a number of unique jobs with training opportunities, creates a micro community that fosters connections, and of course, helps people become healthier.

American Cancer Society Partnership     American Cancer Society logo

In 2023, Xponential Fitness joined forces with the American Cancer Society to leverage the power of health, wellness, and fitness to create waves of positive impact across the nation to help improve the lives of people with cancer and their families. Through our partnership, we hope to create a ripple effect of goodwill, inspiring communities to join the movement in the fight against cancer while prioritizing their health and wellness in support of cancer prevention.