Taking care of our mind and body with an awareness of the environment


Plastic Water Bottles Saved from Landfill

1.2M Sq/Ft

of Recycled Materials Used on Flooring


Environmentally Friendly Clothing Items Sold

Sustainable Flooring

As part of a refresh to all Pure Barre studios in 2018, more than 500 studios installed new eco-friendly flooring. Each studio recycled more than 7,000 plastic bottles in order to make the flooring, resulting in 3.5M+ repurposed bottles! This eco-friendly flooring has since been the standard for all new Pure Barre studios.

Drinking Water

Xponential Fitness studios do not sell water. Clean water is a fundamental right for us all, Xponential Fitness studios are built with a premium water refilling station; these stations offer a seven-step purification process on the water, providing all members and staff access to the best water available. The same stations are installed throughout our Corporate Office!

To date from our refillable water stations alone, Xponential studios have saved more than *3M plastic bottles from landfills - an average of *35,100 per day. These machines also enable us to reduce our carbon emissions by negating the need for shipped water bottles to each location. Our sustainability efforts will continue to grow in this area as we continue to bring more studios to new communities.

*Numbers were provided by our filtered water supplier and are an accurate approximation as of October 2022; average saved bottles per day was based on 1,300 open studios that have a filtered water station.

Environmentally Friendly Clothing

Xponential carefully selects vendor partners who use renewable materials in their clothing and exercise equipment to supply products for sale within each studio’s boutique. In the past year, Xponential brands have sold more than 10K products made with organic, environmentally friendly products, like bamboo. Additionally, Club Pilates uses eco-friendly stretch mats, which are 100% recyclable, free of latex, PVC, phthalates and chloride free.