We’re here to serve our communities through fitness, connection with others, healthful habits, jobs, and entrepreneurial opportunities that people can feel proud of.

From our corporate office in Southern California to studios across the globe, we continually challenge ourselves to innovate on everything as we scale and provide mental and physical wellness to the growing number of communities where our studios reside:

  • We are systematically ensuring that studios are a positive force for the environment.
  • We are diversifying our workforce and membership base across the spectrum so that ALL know that they are welcome and celebrated here.
  • We are owning and improving the environmental output of our supply chain.
  • We are leading, in every way that we can, by example.

Our commitment is that we make progress in our positive contributions to our communities each day.

Our brands and communities are stronger each day as we prioritize the health and wellness of people and the environment.

Xponential Fitness and its family of brands are here to make the many benefits of boutique fitness accessible to everyone.


Investing in our Planet

As Xponential continues to globally scale, we view each studio launch as an opportunity to further contribute to a brighter tomorrow. We partner with vendors who utilize materials and resources that align with our sustainability and community efforts.



Prioritizing People

We are deeply committed to positively impacting the lives of our studio and corporate employees, franchise partners, customers, and the communities in which they all live. It’s intrinsic to what we do: helping communities become physically and mentally healthier through exercise and fellowship.



Strength in Diversity

We’re committed to strengthening our company through diverse representation, comprehensive accountability, and stewardship of the many constituents we serve. Our governance policies and procedures turn actions into results that anyone can feel good about!