Quarterly report pursuant to Section 13 or 15(d)

Acquisitions and Dispositions

Acquisitions and Dispositions
6 Months Ended
Jun. 30, 2023
Business Combinations [Abstract]  
Acquisitions and Dispositions

Note 3 – Acquisitions and Dispositions

The Company completed the following acquisitions and dispositions which contain Level 3 fair value measurements related to the recognition of goodwill and intangibles.


On June 5, 2023, the Company entered into an Asset Purchase Agreement to purchase 14 studios to operate as company-owned transition studios from the original founder sellers of the Rumble brand, which was acquired by the Company in 2021 (the Rumble Sellers”) and were franchisees and shareholders of the Company. This acquisition is expected to enhance the operational performance of the 14 Rumble studios as the Company prepares them to be licensed to a new franchisee. The transaction was accounted for as a business combination using the acquisition method of accounting, which requires the assets acquired to be recorded at their respective fair value as of the date of the transaction. The Company also entered into a mutual termination agreement with the Rumble Sellers to terminate their existing franchise agreements, resulting in cash received and a gain of $3,500, which is included within selling, general and administrative expense.

Under the Asset Purchase Agreement, consideration for the acquisition included $1, which was recorded as a reduction to receivable from shareholder. The Company also agreed to assume liabilities aggregating $1,450, which is expected to be reimbursed to the Company upon the sale of XPO Inc. common stock owned by the Rumble Sellers. In connection with the transaction, the Company wrote down intangible assets related to franchise agreements, net of reacquired franchise rights, in the amount of $7,238 (see Note 7). The Company determined the estimated fair values assigned to assets acquired and liabilities assumed after review and consideration of relevant information as of the acquisition date. The fair values are based on management's estimates and assumptions, which include Level 3 unobservable inputs, and are determined using generally accepted valuation techniques.

The following summarizes the preliminary estimated fair values of the assets acquired and liabilities assumed:






Accounts receivable










Property and equipment





Right-of-use assets










Deferred revenue





Lease liabilities





Reduction to receivable from shareholder






The resulting goodwill is primarily attributable to synergies from the integration of studios, increased expansion for market opportunities and the expansion of studio membership and is expected to be tax deductible.

The fair value of the property and equipment was based on the replacement cost method. The fair value of the right of use assets was determined using the income approach. The deferred revenue represents prepaid classes and class packages. The Company will recognize revenue over time as the members attend and utilize the classes.

The fair value of the reacquired franchise rights after termination of the existing franchise agreements was based on the excess earnings method and is considered to have an eight-year life.

The acquisition was not material to the results of operations of the Company. During the six months ended June 30, 2023, the Company did not incur any transaction costs directly related to the acquisition of 14 Rumble studios.

During the six months ended June 30, 2023, the Company entered into an agreement with a franchisee under which the Company repurchased one studio to operate as a company-owned transition studio. The purchase price for the acquisition was $164, less $8 of net deferred revenue and deferred costs resulting in total purchase consideration of $156. The following summarizes the aggregate fair values of the assets acquired and liabilities assumed:






Property and equipment





Reacquired franchise rights





Total purchase price






During the six months ended June 30, 2023 and 2022, the Company refranchised 34 and 15 company-owned transition studios, respectively, and received no proceeds and recorded a net loss of $148 and $0 on disposal of the studio assets, respectively. The Company is actively seeking to refranchise the remaining company-owned transition studios, although it expects to hold a number of transition studios for a limited time while facilitating the transfer of these studios to new or existing franchisees.

When the Company believes that a studio will be refranchised for a price less than its carrying value, but does not believe the studio has met the criteria to be classified as held for sale, the Company reviews the studio for impairment. The Company evaluates the recoverability of the studio assets by comparing estimated sales proceeds plus holding period cash flows, if any, to the carrying value of the studio. For studio assets that are not deemed to be recoverable, the Company recognizes impairment for any excess of carrying value over the fair value of the studios, which is based on the expected net sales proceeds. During the three and six months ended June 30, 2023 and 2022, the Company did not record any impairment charges.

BodyFit Trademark

In the quarter ended June 30, 2022, the Company entered into a Trademark Acquisition Agreement with Vitalize, LLC dba Bodybuilding.com (the "Seller"), whereby the Company acquired all rights, titles, and interests in and to the BodyFit trademark in the United States. The acquisition was recorded as an asset acquisition. The aggregate purchase consideration for the acquisition was $10,300. The purchase price consisted of $5,500 of cash consideration and $4,800 of noncash consideration, which was recorded as a contract liability. The noncash consideration relates to signing of a brand fee agreement (as defined in Note 4) where the Seller has access to the Company's franchisees to sell its products to franchisees over the term of the agreement. The fair value of the trademark was determined using the relief from royalty method and is considered to have a 10-year life. The fair value of the contract liability was determined using the total fair value of the asset acquired reduced by the amount of cash consideration provided, which is a Level 3 measurement. The Trademark Acquisition Agreement is subject to termination due to a third-party right of first refusal. The likelihood of exercise of the right of first refusal was considered remote as of June 30, 2023.